Thunder Rider Speaks!

nik at the inn on the green

Eccentric, innovative, enigmatic, Nik is full of surprises.

From big band 'Janet Juve and the Red Hot Daddies' to soul bands 'Maurice Traveler and the Starting Handles' and 'Soulfinger'.

From circus orchestra M.D. for 'Gerry Cottle's Circus' to the esoteric mumbo jumbo jive of 'Sphynx'.

From the space jazz of 'Hawkwind', writing seminal anthems such as 'Master of the Universe', 'Brainstorm', and 'D-rider' as the driving force in the creation of the legend and mythology that created that band's success, to 60's ska 'Skastars'.

From the pomp rock of the 'Imperial Pompadours' to musical, political, satirical punk cabaret with 'Inner City Unit'.

From busking cool groovy music on the streets of Cardiff and Mexico City to Nik Turner's 'Fantastic All Stars' playing cool Latino jazz.

From equally fantastic Nik Turner's 'Galaktikos' playing big funk Latino hot grooves, to the 'Nik Turner Band' playing some of all that and more.

Guested and recorded with numerous bands, including 'Sham 69', 'The Damned','Stranglers', 'Ruts', 'Spirit' with Randy California, 'Utopians', 'Guillemots' etc.

Photo by Birdman Dave Easthope

Ouriders of Apocalypse at Alchemy Festival 2011


Nik Turner's Brand New Space Ritual

The repertoire

Nik 'Thunder Rider' Turner (sax, flute, vox)
Gary Smart (bass)
Steve Jones (guitar)
Nigel (electronics)
Charlie Scarr (drums)
Ms Angel (dance, vox)

Inner City Unit

Acid punk

Nik 'Thunder Rider' Turner (sax, flute, vox)
Steve Pond (guitar)
Nazar Ali Khan (bass)
Dino Ferari (drums)

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North America Crew


Nik 'Thunder Rider' Turner (sax, flute, vox)
Nicky Garratt (guitar)
Jason Willer (drums)
Bryce Shelton (bass)
Kephera Moon (keys, vox and synths)

Flame Tree

Free jazz

Nik 'Thunder Rider' Turner (sax, flute, vox)
Dennis Rea (guitar)
Jack Gold-Molina (drums)
Paul 'PK' Kemmish (acoustic bass, US)
Nazar Ali Khan (bass, UK)

Outriders of Apocalypse

Space funk

Nik 'Thunder Rider' Turner (sax, flute, vox)
Nazar Ali Khan (space bass)
Gary Smart (bass)
Steve Jones (guitar)
Mick Slattery (guitar)
Beverley Crome (trumpet)
Suzi Owen (trombone)
Chris Purdon (electronics)
Meurig Griffiths (drums)

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